Newsletter Feb 2023

Has anyone else noticed the raft of sustainability jobs on LinkedIN? 2923, as of this morning!

As tighter emission target and ESG reporting legislation starts to bite companies are starting to realise that they need to start taking their environmental impact seriously.

This is a trend that’s only going to get stronger and EU legislation ramps up the pressure over the next 5 years. And if you’re taking your cues from the Irish government, don’t. Their focus on housing, transport and agriculture is distracting them from providing leadership on other areas of business.

Don’t get left behind, get moving

My Out-tray

This month I was delighted to contribute an article titled ‘Changing Perspectives‘ to 100 Archive’s series Sustainability by Design. In my piece I talk how to avoid low-impact projects that are akin to ‘fiddling while Rome burns’

I was equally thrilled to be invited onto DC EV’s Youtube channel to talk about the circular economy and what it means for Irish businesses

Circular Material

Irish company The Upcycled Movement is running a resource sharing platform on their website

Tack-heavy is a liquid solvent-free, multi-releasable adhesive made by the company Cirucwall

In a great example of material reuse, Allwood Architectural Joinery use timber from repurposed whiskey cask in the counter of a massive bar for a distillery

BASF has developed a digital application to calculate the cradle-to-gate Product Carbon Footprints for its 45,000 sales products


Municipal waste used to form low-carbon brick for Design Museum Gent extension

Brimstone portland cement promises carbon negative cement by using calcium silicate rocks instead of limestone

Kraftsman paint now offer peel-and-stick A4 colour swatches instead of tester pots

This Danish architect is making paint and cement from seaweed and shells

China successfully uses sponge parks to manage flooding

The EPA has put it’s draft national end-of-waste criteria for recycled aggregates (e.g. from certain construction and demolition wastes such as concrete) out for consultation until the 24th February 2023.


University had developed a new process that reduces emissions from steel furnaces by 90 per cent

The Rediscovery Centre is starting a research project on Circular Material Use Rate (CMUR)

Newly discovered chemical process renders all existing wind turbine blades recyclable

Circular Design

Berkvans make doors designed to be disassembled

Papershoot’s have a modular card-based camera is a great example of how different circular design strategies, like design for modularity, can work for short-lived products (see photo above)

Threespine use an innovative 3-click furniture designed for easy assembly and disassembly for their products

The Market

How divesting from fossil fuels help energy company Ørsted achieve record-high profit in 2022

An investor group has banned members from counting carbon removal schemes towards their emissions reduction targets before 2030. Instead it wants its members to focus reducing emissions in the first instance

Research shows that citizens don’t punish greenwashing by companies they perceive as being ‘dirty’ in the first instance


Starting in 2023, a new law in France requires producers, importers, and distributors of apparel and footwear to report on recycled content, recyclability, microplastics, harmful substances and traceability

Tobacco companies to start (partly) paying for the clean up of cigarette waste in Ireland

The European Parliament has voted in favour of a new law introducing stricter procedures and control measures for waste shipments, including a ban on all waste destined for disposal intended to reduce waste crime internationally

EU institutions have agreed on a new directive requiring all new products sold in the EU be equipped with replaceable batteries


A great short video on deceptive design that makes us choose unwisely

Fascinating article for the development of system design framework by the Design Council UK

Here’s an excellent example of how to communicate your sustainability strategy from Whitby Wood

Great article on how the products we end up being incredibly damaging, even when they begin with good intentions.

A handy guide on greenwashing words to avoid

Fun game to Get to Net Zero by 2050 from the Financial times

The government-funded Climate Ready Waste and Circular Economy Leaders course starts in April


UK opens it’s first charity supermarket

Reading FC footballers take to the pitch in kits that carry a striking visual message in support of climate action

In association with Patagonia, Samsung’s new Less Microfiber Cycle and Filter cuts microplastic emissions by up to 54%

Why fabric fraud is so easy to hide

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Published by Elaine Butler

I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy