Circular Design Online Resources

There’s so much information about circular design and sustainable design out there that it can be overwhelming. Here’s my directory of resources to make things easier to find.


The Institute of Making in London has a materials library, which is kinda interesting
The Circular Centre in Australia runs programmes to resolve textile waste
EDGE in London is a dedicated resource centre for sustainable materials


Circular Products

Greenstone is recycled agregate for use in construction (Ireland)
Acoustic Materials makes soundproofing panels from tetrapak (Ireland)
Solidwool – wool based fibreglass
Ferre (Spain) – recycled yarn
Reverso (Italy) – recycled wool and cashmere
Sea Stone (UK) – wall tiles made from recycled sea shells
Marco Arezio (Italy) – recycled plastic pellets

Directory of Cradle-to-Cradle Certified products
Overview of plastics typically used in construction

Business Sharing Platforms

ManusquareA platform-enabled marketplace supporting the access to and monetization of unused manufacturing capacity, engineering and technology services and by-products
Floow2 – sharing marketplace for all businesses
Can – Circular Arts Network – sharing marketplace for the arts sector in the UK


Knowledge Resources

Sustainability Glossary – Simple user-friendly guide from We Are Albert
Circular Economy Glossary – from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Circular Design Europe – Archive of circular design and circular economy related articles
Circular Economy Learning Hub – Introductory articles on circular design and circular economy
Centre for Behaviour & the Environment – Articles on Sustainable Behaviour Change
Circular Economy and Life Cycle Analysis in Construction from IGBC
Circular Economy Guide – Overview of Circular Design Strategies
Buy Green Handbook – Advice on how to procure green services / products (PDF)
Green Public Procurement Guidelines – Issued by EPA in Sept 2021
Academic Journals & Reports on the Circular Economy – from Circuleire
Materiom – DIY recipes for materials made from natural materials


Circular Economy Businesses

Knowledge Hub – Database of Circular Design / Businessses
Circular X – Database of Circular Design Businesses
EU Circular Economy Portal – examples of circular materials or businesses in Europe


Design Guides

Guide to Packaging Design – Upstream Project with Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Prevent & Save Guide – Guide to sustainable packaging from
Package Design for the Circular Economy – from Repak



Engineers without borders – Provides opportunities for engineers to engage in sustainable development
Circular Structural Design – organisation seeking to making structures more circular
Common Objective – Matches Fashion companies with others knowledgeable in sustainability
IOM3 Natural Materials Association – Companies working with natural materials


Other Resources

Hubs – Fast Prototyping service (UK)
Lumi – Sustainable packaging portal – online collaboration tool
Miro – online whiteboard platform



Cradle to Cradle


Get relevant practical circular design news