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What is the Circular Economy?


The Circular Economy is a new way of operating that keeps materials in use for longer so that we collectively use less resources and energy to live our lives and run our societies. We need to shift to the circular economy and away from the linear one we currently live in because it’s take, make, dispose approach is putting human existence in jeopardy.

You can read more detail in our Guide to the Circular Economy

What is the Circular Design?


Design for the Circular Economy, or Circular Design, is a design model that facilitates that end goal of material optimisation. To do it successfully, not only must we consider the technical aspects of material optimisation, but also the system in which a product or service sits, and the societal and cultural norms that might affect acceptance of circular business models.

Done well circular design helps companies save on material cost, build long-term relationships with loyal customers and future-proof organisations against high carbon taxes and levies.

You can read more detail on our Guide to Circular Design

What We Do


In the circular economy turnover is decoupled from unit sales. This is a huge challenge for most companies engaged in manufacturing and construction. How will a linear company safeguard profit when policy and the market are moving towards lower consumption models?

Pivoting a product or service to suit the circular economy can be done a number of ways. Knowing which one will suit your company and customers best is a blend of art and science.

We can outline potential circular business models and work with you to identify which might suit your business best.

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