Newsletter – September 2021

Green Business News

Same old, same old. Sorry to rain on parades here but I’m sick of webinars talking about how important sustainability is! We get it! We agree! Now how the heck do we do it?

Don’t tell me why I should do it, tell me how I can do it!

Stop inviting on guests to talk about the theory of circularity and sustainability, invite people who have walked the walk. I want to hear about their war wounds, I want to hear about their triumphs, I want to hear how I can work with them and companies like them.

It’s time to move from talking to action, so highlight the pioneers of this new world and by doing so become a leader too.

Now onto this month’s Green Business News

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Product Design Company Dash Lighting creates beautiful fixtures from cardboard (see photo)

London’s first sustainable construction and design resource centre, EDGE (short for Eco Design Green Environment) opens on Sept 20th.

Tests on food containers are underway in Ireland over concerns they are treated with harmful toxins

Scottish nightclub to trap heat from patrons to use to warm and cool the building

Eunomia is carrying out research for the European Commission to consider ways of improving compliance with extended producer responsibility (EPR) obligations and tackling ‘free-riding’ in the case of online sales, and they are inviting stakeholders to help shape new wave of environmental legislation. Stakeholders include: online sellers and retailers, other retailers (high street etc), compliance support, consumer associations, government agencies, NGOs interested in waste management and consumer rights, producer associations (WEEE, batteries, packaging), PROs (Producer Responsibility Organisations), research and innovation organisations and waste operations). Register before 8 October 2021.

The City of Barcelona in Spain has announced that it is taking steps to implement actions guided by Doughnut Economics to address the climate emergency and the city’s ecological transition.

UK producers are testing new types of cement production methods in an attempt to eliminate carbon emissions in the industry.

A very clever design for a portable washing device for reusable sanitary pads

LIFE 2021 is now calling for proposals with more than €580 million available for project funding. There are four new sub-programmes, including one focusing on the circular economy and quality life, with priority topics grouped under each programme that proposals should aim to address.

Trinity’s School of Chemistry is accepting applications for their new Postgraduate Diploma in the Circular Economy and Recycling Technologies. This course will cover areas relevant to the Circular Economy while equipping graduates to work in roles including, but not limited to, renewable energy and materials, product maintenance and design, and remanufacturing and recycling. Interested applicants should apply by 17/12/2021.

Students redesign the lipstick to be more sustainable. Their concept is made from algae and comes in a biodegradable container

Packaging made from waste popcorn could replace polystyrene

A handy glossary for terms used in the sustainability sphere

A joint project by Swedish steel company SSAB and mining company LKAB just delivered the world’s first batch of fossil-free steel.

Wilton neighbourhood of Sydney to ban dark roofs and expand gardens in an effort to reduce urban temperatures

Textile manufacturer Texstyle release wool like material made from recycled water bottles 

How deliberately rotting wood can turn a wooden floor into a power generating surface

Student develops paint made from waste cement can absorb CO2

Stunning garden pavilion made with robotically woven flax 


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Published by Elaine Butler

I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy