Newsletter – July 2021

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When I read the result of the inaugural Hamburg Climate Futures Outlook first systematic attempt to assess the plausibility of various climate futures I was depressed. According to it’s authors it says that achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 is feasible and possible but not plausible given the lack of progress on interventions and social change to date.

Isn’t that worse than hearing it’s beyond our reach? It means that all the suffering that’s coming down the track as a result of the climate crisis could be avoided, but won’t be because of inaction.

We could give up, but where’s the value in that. I’d prefer to go down fighting, knowing that I did what I could, with what I had, where I was. Will you join me?

And before you do …… here is a list of some really fabulous companies doing their bit to safeguard or planet

Photo by Jesse Gardner on Unsplash

Two shoes in one – an adaptable shoe that can converts from a trainer into a mule / slider 

A very interesting article on the power of 3D printing to support circular design

Modular interchangeable glasses made from plant-based bio-plastic 

A water less toilet that converts human waste to energy

Frank Gehry’s Arles Tower features a host of materials made from innovative natural materials, some without any energy at all

UK company Muirhead announces a range of low-carbon luxury leather 

Tarkett introduces recyclable carpet

Company develops low-carbon, low-polluting water-based process for manufacturing and recycling of lithium batteries

Startup creates trainers from used bubble wrap

UK based carbon-neutral home built from hemp 

A yacht that runs on solar and wind energy 

Finish wood-based panels offer a low-carbon alternative to concrete

On a construction site in the heart of Oslo all the machinery used on site, excavators, diggers, and loaders, are now electric.

Coca-Cola ends use of non-recycled plastic in all on-the-go bottles sold in Great Britain

M&S, the Co-op and Nestlé to trial traffic-light style environmental labeling on food products

Vegan shoes with soles made from recycled party balloons and tyres

Australian toothpaste company introduces a toothpaste tube that biodegrades in 6-10 years

The Billion Dollar Collection is a concept by H&M, showcasing 10 ideas that will disrupt the fashion industry, for the better.

Would circular accounting models help prevent destruction of new or lightly-used returned goods. This author thinks so ….

Outdoor table by UK company Mark uses only recycled or renewable materials

EPA launches Green Business Fund

Renault and Solvay collaborate to create a circular economy for EV batteries

Global consumer brands unveil ‘world’s first’ enzymatically recycled PET bottles

First prototype LEGO brick made from recycled plastic revealed

Will heat-as-a-service provide better access to more efficient home heating?


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Published by Elaine Butler

I am a circular design consultant helping manfacturers prepare for the circular economy