Launch of Circular Upholstery Textiles Project in Ireland

I’m delighted to be announcing that a Circular Design and Economy project that I’m involved in is launching next week. Headed by the Irish Wood and Interiors Network (IWIN) this government funded project will provide a framework to develop new circular products and circular business models aimed at increasing the value, use and life ofContinue reading “Launch of Circular Upholstery Textiles Project in Ireland”

Newsletter – February 2022

There is more and more interest in sustainability, but it’s not always the best kind. Unfortunately organisations seem to be getting obsessed with measuring their climate footprint and offsetting. This myopia often pushes genuinely sustainable initiatives off the agenda, particularly if they’re not measurable. After all, how do you measure the waste you didn’t throwContinue reading “Newsletter – February 2022”

Newsletter – December 2021

Lots of very positive developments in the world of sustainability and circularity this month. I was particularly interested in the EPA’s research into attitudes to the climate crisis in Ireland, compiled into the report ‘Climate Change in the Irish Mind’. It’s an accessible and comprehensive report, which is a must for anyone involved in or interestedContinue reading “Newsletter – December 2021”