About Me

Elaine Butler

A former commercial interior architect and furniture designer Elaine also has a Masters in Product Design for the Circular Economy from NCAD.

She has a designed furniture and spaces for the hospitality, residential and office sector. Her Major Project Proposal for Masters was for a modular, multi-use, repairable, convertable, recyclable / compostable sofa that sits within a service that supports longevity through repair, take-back, refurbishment and resale. More detail on her concept is available here.


Director of Environmental Policy Development in a Political Party
(2012 – 2017)

Owner Manager of EDGE Design
(2002 – 2010)

Lecturer at Dublin Institute of Design
(2004 – 2006)

Interior Architect at BDP
(1999 – 2001)

Interior Architect at KMD
(1996 – 1999)